2 More Tips to Improve Your Personal Statement to Dental School

Elevate Your Storytelling by Showing, Not Telling

“Show, Don’t Tell” is common advice for writing a personal statement. Here’s one way to check that you are showing, not telling:

After writing your first draft, take a minute to review your word choices. Are you overusing “resume lingo”? Double check for trite words that you can replace, like these:

  • “experience”
  • “leadership”
  • “analytical skills”
  • “determination”
  • “responsibility”
  • “work ethic”

You don’t have to directly tell the reader what you have accomplished; instead, adjust your writing to show your strengths through storytelling. Put simply, your writing should paint a picture that reflects your skills without needing to overtly state each of these traits.

Support Your Claims with Details

Interesting details make a Personal Statement more dynamic! For example:

  • If you share that you are a team player, give an example and tell the reader why.
  • If you mention that you went to an EMT school, give the official name of the program and share what you learned from this experience.
  • If you volunteered at a clinic, add specifics like where, when, and how you got connected.

These small tweaks can give the reader more details into why you are a great fit for their dental school.

The Team and DentalStatement.com

The Team and DentalStatement.com

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